Meet the animals


Twenty-four goats live at the sanctuary at the moment. Many arrived as wild orphans, others were rescued from a small dairy farm during the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018. Some were surrendered after their people could no longer care for them. Several of our goats have special needs, we have one blind resident, another visually impaired, one in prosthetic legs, another with paralyzed back legs. All are living their best lives, free from harm or exploitation.


We have six sheep living at the sanctuary. For of them arrived during the lava flow evacuation following the Kilauea volcano eruption, one was found at the bottom of a lava tube when she was a teeny tiny baby, and one girl who was born with front limb deformities, was surrendered to the sanctuary since her owners couldn't provide the special care she needed.
The sheep are many favorites here at the sanctuary, with their sweet demeanor and curious personalities they find their way into everyones heart.


We have 16 piggy residents at the sanctuary divided in three different groups. The pigs are silly, playful and extremely smart creatures! They range from around 100 pounds up to over 400 pounds, and they all love attention, and belly rubs.


We have seven chickens at the sanctuary. One of them, Judith, is special needs after she suffered a broken leg that didn't heal up straight. It doesn't hold her back one bit though! She and her best friend Carol, are self assigned pig feed inspectors extraordinaries. They are always close by during feed preparations to ensure the quality of the feed is up to their standards.


Seven happy grass puppies are under the care of the sanctuary. Since cows require lots of pasture space, we have recently entered a partnership with Gentle World in Hawi to be able to expand and give our Holstein cows room to roam and graze to their hearts' content.  

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