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Magical Creatures of Hamakua is a nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary located on the beautiful Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our Sanctuary is founded on a profound compassion for all animals, focusing on those who have experienced uncommon hardships. We do not keep livestock or breed stock, nor do we employ working animals. Whether horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, dog, cat, or chicken, a Magical Creatures of Hamakua resident just needed a little help living out their best lives.

For us, the animals in our care are all equal with their own unique needs. We aim to provide the most loving safe haven possible for these truly special beings.

Helena Lundblad

Why the name

Magical Creatures?

Because they all are magical of course!

My name is Helena Lundblad, Founder and President of Magical Creatures of Hamakua - Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. I have been drawn to animals ever since I was a child. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, mice, walking sticks, frogs, bunnies - you name it, I have likely tried to move them in to my home.

In July of 2016, my husband and I moved to a beautiful 13 acre property in Laupahoehoe, HI. After years of not being able to have animals in my life, I finally found myself in an environment capable of supporting almost any animal needing help. Two weeks after we moved in, we adopted two cats and a dog from the shelter near by. Soon after we heard about an orphaned baby goat who needed a home. We named her Janice.

Janice came to us with severe injuries to all of her hooves. Two were unable to be saved, and the remaining two will forever be deformed. She lived in our bedroom as she healed and ended up staying inside the house for six months. It was during this time I for the first time really started to see all kinds of animals as equals. I finally understood that in all the ways the matters, there were no difference between Janice and our cats and dog. Our bond grow very strong, and is still today. I often refer to Janice as my best friend and loyal companion.

When it was time for Janice to get some friends, we found two baby goats on Craigslist, orphaned after hunters had trapped and killed their mothers. After that, a couple of senior horses needed fostering and we had the space.

The horses were soon followed by numerous litters of kittens also in need of fostering. And then there were puppies. And then two orphan baby piglets. And then.... Well, one thing led to an other. In January of 2018 I decided to incorporate a nonprofit sanctuary for farmed animals in need on a safe haven.

Some animals become inseparable parts of our daily lives, like Janice did for me. Others like to hang out and get some loving pets and scratches. Then there are the ones that show up for feeding and then don't really require (or want) much more.

They are all unique and have interesting stories to tell. If you take the time to really listen, I hope you will see them as we do -- as Magical Creatures.


Our Mission

Magical Creatures of Hamakua rescues, rehabilitates, and offers life-long sanctuary to animals on the Big Island while serving the Hawaiian community with programs that promote kindness, compassion, and stewardship.

Rescue & Shelter

MCOH provides lifelong care for the farmed animals that we take in. Though we are not an open-intake sanctuary, we do everything that we can to make sure that injured, neglected, or lost farmed animals can find peace with us. This includes housing, feeding, providing medical care, and giving them all the love they can handle.

Educate & Advocate

Change starts within the community, and we are grateful for the opportunities that we have to share the stories of the animals at MCOH. We want to stop the cycle of farmed animal abuse by educating our communities and advocating for the animals every chance that we get.

Support & Collaborate

Since its inception, MCOH has worked with other local organizations and community groups to provide expertise, help sick and injured animals find care, and sometimes take in animals when the need arises. We are happy to be able to be a part of a network that truly cares for animals and to play our part in helping as many animals as possible.

Help our special needs animals..

Did you know that here at Magical Creature of Hamakua, our animal sanctuary is home to six animals with special needs? Those special needs often need additional care, special sheltering, and other items to accommodate the things that make them different. Caring for a special needs animal has its challenges, but it’s certainly a rewarding experience. Our special needs animals have additional expenses associated with them, and they could use extra people helping to make their lives exceptional. Please consider donating to our Special Needs Fund today. Click on the button below and mark your donation "Special Needs"

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