Magical Creatures of Hamakua

Where farmed animals find sanctuary

Our Mission

Magical Creatures of Hamakua rescues, rehabilitates, and offers life-long sanctuary to animals on the Big Island while serving the Hawaiian community with programs that promote kindness, compassion, and stewardship.

Rescue & Shelter

MCOH provides lifelong care for the farmed animals that we take in. Though we are not an open-intake sanctuary, we do everything that we can to make sure that injured, neglected, or lost farmed animals can find peace with us. This includes housing, feeding, providing medical care, and giving them all the love they can handle.

Educate & Advocate

Change starts within the community, and we are grateful for the opportunities that we have to share the stories of the animals at MCOH. We want to stop the cycle of farmed animal abuse by educating our communities and advocating for the animals every chance that we get.

Support & Collaborate

Since its inception, MCOH has worked with other local organizations and community groups to provide expertise, help sick and injured animals find care, and sometimes take in animals when the need arises. We are happy to be able to be a part of a network that truly cares for animals and to play our part in helping as many animals as possible.

Connect with us

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Help our special needs animals...

Did you know that here at Magical Creature of Hamakua, our animal sanctuary is home to six animals with special needs? Those special needs often need additional care, special sheltering, and other items to accommodate the things that make them different. Caring for a special needs animal has its challenges, but it’s certainly a rewarding experience. Our special needs animals have additional expenses associated with them, and they could use extra people helping to make their lives exceptional. Please consider donating to our Special Needs Fund today. Click on the button below and mark your donation with "Special Needs"

How you can help


Follow the Patreon link below to choose one of our pledge levels. Starting at only $5 per month, plans include various benefits such as exclusive pictures and videos of the animals, a holiday postcard, and private tour with our founder. We also have an option to create a custom monthly pledge amount.

Amazon Smile

Shop with Amazon AND help the Magical Creatures at the same time. Use the link below to purchase any items through the Amazon Smile program and Amazon will send a portion of the sales to the Magical Creatures of Hamakua.

Amazon Wishlist

We have created an Amazon Wishlist of our commonly ordered items. If you would like to help us out with supplies, just order any of the items on our wishlist from the link below and Amazon will send it to us for you.

One Time Donation

Or, simply send a one-time donation directly to us through Paypal using the "Donate" button located below.

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