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Animal sponsorships are an affordable way to support the well-being of our animals every month by helping us cover the costs of feed, shelter, and daily care.

Magical Creature's permanent residents are available for one-year sponsorships. By sponsoring an animal, your generosity not only goes toward helping to feed and care for them, but also includes a gift for you, as well. Sponsors will receive:

  • A thank-you letter containing information about your sponsored resident of choice

  • A sponsorship certificate with your, or your chosen recipient's name on it

  • A photo of your sponsored animal

  • Regular updates

  • The satisfaction of supporting animals in need as well as our sincerest gratitude

Looking for the perfect gift to someone else?

Animal sponsorships make great gifts! Give the gift of compassion to a loved one while helping a rescued farmed animal live the rest of their life in peace and happiness.

Simply choose the animal you’d like to sponsor and fill out the appropriate fields with the recipient’s information. Give the gift that keeps on giving, and gift a Magical Creatures sponsorship today

Magical Creatures of Hamakua is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations to the sanctuary are tax deductible!

Sponsor Raven

Raven is born September 1st, 2018. She came to the sanctuary when she was 2 weeks old after she was found roaming by herself with no mama in sight.

Even though she's a year old now, everyone still call her Baby Raven.

$18/monthly ($216 per year)

Sponsor Bruce

Bruce is one of seven goats who came to the sanctuary during the lava evacuations following the Kilauea eruption, 2018. He is 180 pounds pure love, a silly goofball who couldn't hurt a fly. Everyone loves Bruce, and Bruce loves everyone.

$18/monthly ($216 per year)

Sponsor Linus

Linus is the youngest one of the three wild orphan wild goats we took in 2019. Some may say Linus is a little bit more needy than the other boys, but the truth is he just really loves to cuddle. Linus is in no rush to grow up, he's perfectly happy being a snugly mama's boy. And in all honesty, so are we.

$18/monthly ($216 per year)

Sponsor Hope

Hope is one of our residents with special needs. She was born blind and found dumped (or abandoned) when she was a few days old. Hope was rescued by kindhearted humans who cared for her during the first months of her life. Hope is our most recent rescue, she moved in to the sanctuary in August, 2019. 

$18/monthly ($216 per year)

Sponsor Kate

Kate, or Amazing Kate, is a Hawaiian Black Sheep who was miraculously found at the bottom of a 20 feet deep lava tube/tree mold in the forest. It's a miracle she wasn't injured, and it's a miracle someone happened to stumble upon the hole and decided to explore.

Kate is born mid August, 2019, and will be joining the sheep herd once she's weaned. 

$18/monthly ($216 per year)

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Is a nonprofit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary located in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii. The organization is classified as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.