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About Janice

Janice is the reason Magical Creatures of Hamakua exists in the first place! She was was found by people camping on the island all by herself when she was only a few days old. Our founder, Helena, who had moved to the Big Island just a few months earlier, heard about this wild orphan baby goat and immediately agreed to adopt her.

Soon after baby Janice arrived to her new home it became clear that she was seriously injured. She was limping and it appeared her hooves were starting to separate from her legs. It turned out baby Janice must have accidentally jumped into the fire pit that was still glowing at the camping site where she was found, and the heat had damaged her hooves.

Janice spent the first 6 months of her life living inside the house learning to walk in home-made prosthetic legs after her two of her hooves fell off. During this time a unique friendship formed between this little goat and Helena, which inspired the idea to crate a sanctuary for other animals in need.

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