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About Grey

Grey arrived to the sanctuary along with her sister Bailey after they had been found without a mom when thy were just a week old. We had agreed to foster them for a little while and they were supposed to continue to an adoptive family after a week.

During that first week it became obvious that Grey was a little bit "special". Differentlyabled. Maybe deaf, or visually impaired, or both. She didn't have the same level of coordination as her sister, and she seemed to be a bit confused from time to time. With these observations we reached out to the organization we were fostering for and said that it seemed Grey would need a little bit of extra support, and that maybe it was better if she and her sister stayed with us instead. This was when we had just incorporated the sanctuary and Grey and Bailey became our first permanent pig residents.

Grey is still one of our special ones, she's very talkative, constantly chatting. She loves visitors and always rushes up loudly grunting when someone arrives to the pasture.

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