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The Pig

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About Gilly

Gilly's story is really fascinating. It's nothing short of a miracle that she's alive today.

It was an early morning in June, 2018 and our founder , Helena, was on her way to a meeting in Hilo when she passed something that looked like a kitten standing in the middle of the road. Helena pulled over and ran back towards the tiny creature, terrified she would be witnessing the little thing being hit by a car right in front of her eyes. Cars were passing from both directions, and a few steps to either side would have ended the life of the animal in the road. As Helena approached she realized it wasn't a kitten, but a tiny piglet. No bigger the the palm of a hand and with her umbilical cord still wet from birth.There were no signs of a mama pig or other piglets close by. There were walls on both sides of the road, not really anywhere she could have come from, so we believe she must have fallen down on the road and not being able to make it back up.

Perhaps a little bird whispered in her ear after she had tumbled down on the road, that she needn't fear, because in just a few minutes the founder of a magical sanctuary would pass right there, and all she had to do was to make sure the lady would see her and she would be safe.

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