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The Goat

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About Estelle

Estelle is one of the originals here at the sanctuary. She was part of the family before Magical Creatures was incorporated as a nonprofit. She arrived together with Julie in February 2017 after we found her on Craigslist for almost no money at all. They were hunting orphans. Their mothers, who were wild Hawaiian mountain goats, had been trapped and killed, and Estelle and Julie were being sold to be raised for cheap meat.

At that time our founder, Helena, had just rescued her first orphan wild goat, Janice, and was looking to find a friend for her. When she saw the blurry picture of these two terrified babies, she knew she had to take them.

While Julie arrived clearly traumatized after loosing her mother and being taken from her home, Estelle was a confident little lady from day one. She's also the reason the fence in their pasture had to be raised from 4' to almost 6'. This tiny goat could JUMP! Not to run away though, all she every wanted to do was to come see what we humans were up to in the house. As all orphans we have raised here, Estelle spent the first couple of months living inside the house with us.

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