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About Bruce

Bruce arrived at the sanctuary in May 2018, after being rescued during the Kilauea Volcano eruption.

Bruce and the rest of his herd were left to fend for themselves, stuck in a pasture right next to an explosive fissure. Rocks and ash were spewing down around them and the air was filled with toxic fumes. Volunteers who helped bring Bruce and his friends to safety said the eruptions from the fissure were so loud it was impossible to speak.

Thanks to heroic efforts from very brave volunteers, eleven lives were saved that day. Only a couple of hours after the evacuation the fissure erupted violently, covering much of their pasture in burning lava.

Bruce is many visitors favorite at the sanctuary. With his around 200 pounds he is our largest goat, and he has a heart that matches the size of his body. Bruce is as sweet as they come, he is a silly goofball that wouldn't hurt a fly. His best friend is Daisy.

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