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About Beatrice

Beatrice is a Polynesian, wild pig that decided she liked humans more than living in the jungle. Unfortunately the family she picked out as her own, didn't have a fenced in yard and they were afraid she would be harmed by hunters or loose dogs in the area where they lived. Beatrice was taken to the Humane Society where she spent two long months in a concrete kennel, next to barking dogs, before she was transferred to the sanctuary as a foster.

Beatrice instantly worked her way into all of our hearts with her huge personality! She is outgoing and eager to befriend any and all species she meets. When Mari, one of our local volunteers, asked if we would take her in as a permanent resident if she sponsored her, we couldn't say no.

Beatrice is gentle, sweet and a little timid. She loves humans, and she has a deep crush on Herbie.

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